Recreation Leadership
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Application of leadership theories and principles to recreation settings.
DESCRIPTION: Lecture class emphasizing broad ranging outdoor leadership theories and principles.
OBJECTIVES: To expose the student to outdoor oriented leadership theory, styles and techniques with an emphasis on judgment and situation decision making.
To bring into focus selected leadership styles and techniques to assist the student in the development of personal leadership styles as it applies to recreation leadership.

To develop the ability in students to recognize appropriate leadership styles for a variety of circumstances.

To evaluate decision making processes and how they relate to judgment.

To Study the lives of successful outdoor leaders.
REQUIREMENTS: Text: Outdoor Leadership, John Graham
Endurance, Alfred Lansing

Attendance: Attendance will affect your grade

Leadership Requirements

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage 100 points.

Each student is required to read the Endurance Book. Students will be divided into groups to give presentations on each of the six chapters. These presentations will last the entire class period with time for questions and critique at the end. They are to address the leadership attributes of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the group dynamics of his crew, how judgments and decisions making was done, conflict resolution, teamwork, communication, responsibility, -- basically what occurred to make the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition a topic of study almost 100 years later.

Leadership Experience 100 points
This also can be a group exercise (no more than 3 in a group) or it can be an individual effort. The task is to plan and lead some type of outdoor experience with at least four participants. If you feel you don’t have any skills to share with a group – find someone who does and have them teach, but you still plan and lead the group. This activity could be part of other classes you are involved in. The written part of this assignment will be a one-page description of the activity along with your own critique of how you did and what you would change if you were to repeat it. Also a written evaluation, which participants fill out on you.

Exemplary Leader Report 100 points

Choose an outdoor leader – not a church, school or political leader, but an outdoor leader, you are interested in and write a five to eight page paper on that individual. This paper is not meant to be a biography, but is meant to highlight the leadership qualities of the individual. In other words write about what made the person a great outdoor leader, what experiences exemplified their leadership. Do not just write a time line documenting everything they did. I want to know why others followed this person. This paper is to have at least two documented sources. If you are a source, you must have two others.

Exams 100 points each

OTHER: Grading Procedure:
Attendance- Material covered in class involves many discussion sessions. Attendance is important.

Leadership Experiences- One leadership experience is required outside of class. This can be completed through other Recreation Ed. courses or club activities. An evaluation form for the activity is required. Evaluation form will be discussed. 20% of grade

Written Report: Highlight the life and characteristics of an exemplary outdoor leader.
Pick an outdoor leader: either a historical leader or one you may know personally, and write a 4-8 page research paper discussing the persons life, their leadership experiences, their philosophy, etc. Paper should have at least 2 documented sources. 30% of grade

Midterm Exam will cover chapters 1-7 in text Outdoor Leadership. 20 % of grade
Final Exam will cover chapters 8-15 plus the Endurance Book. 30% of grade