Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course #1
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course prepares students to pass the statewide literacy competency test.
DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to assist students to prepare for the state Literacy Comprehensive Exam, required for all Elementary Teachers in Idaho. The focus will be on Standard one and parts of Standard two. This course reviews and deepens the student's understanding of language structure, literacy instruction, reading comprehension, best teaching practices and assessment and intervention strategies. Reading (ElEd 380) and Assessment & Evaluation (ElEd 401) will also assist students in preparing for the state Literacy Comprehensive Exam, focusing on Standards two and three.
OBJECTIVES: The student will be able to:
1. Define and give examples of phonics vocabulary and literacy terms.
2. Write and teach the "Seven Basic Phonics Rules" from memory.
3. Pass the "Phonics Test" with 100% accuracy.
4. Administer and interpret a "Running Record."
5. Cite current research-based, best practices of literacy instruction.
6. Apply knowledge of the five areas of orthographic development through instruction and assessment.
7. Plan and present different games and activities for levels of orthographic development.
REQUIREMENTS: Two texts are required for this course:
1. Study Guide for the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment, Nov. 2001.
2. Words Their Way, Bear, Incernizzi, 2000.

1. Quizzes and exams will be given periodically during the semester.
2. A comprehensive final will be given.
3. Students will be required to create four activity kits that may be used in the public school classroom. Instructions and procedures need to be included and all materials must look professional. Each activity needs to focus on a different level of literacy development.
4. Students will teach one of the activities for students from the text in a learning center.
5. Students will pass the phonics test with 100%. Failure to do so will lower final grade one half step. Three attempts at passing the test will be allowed.
6. "Small Group Performance Demonstrations" will be completed every other week. Students must be an active participant and demonstrate an increased skill in analyzing student needs.
PREREQUISITES: Must have completed ED 200
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2003