The Writings of C. Terry Warner and C.S. Lewis
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course fulfills a General Education - Letters requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course will explore the writings of C.S. Lewis and philosopher C. Terry Warner to understand how contemporary views about thinking and feeling influence men and women to "betray themselves" by seeking to justify self-centered motives.
DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to explore the natural tendency of men and women to live in "self-betrayal" with themselves and others. It will focus on the ways we live to justify self in an attempt to meet our deepest needs for fulfillment. In doing so it will draw upon the writings of C. Terry Warner and C.S. Lewis to promote understanding as to how to live true to the Savior in order for Him to meet our needs, while He empowers us to live with integrity according to eternal purposes.
TOPICS: An examination of Warner and Lewis's writings offer a wide variety of possible study. In the spirit of this honor's seminar I purposefully reserve time for "topical options" that may be explored as circumstances warrant. The following are given as "topical types" offered during this course of study:
-The Self as Standard for Others

-The Self-Less Nature of Christ's Suffering Love

-Self-Absorption: The Natural Man's Way of Being

-The Darkness in Our Eyes

-Living Truth-Fully by Admitting the Truth to Self

-The Healer in the Heart-Message

-Making Victims of Ourselves and Others

-Sin: The Outgrowth of Deep and Unmet Needs

-Christ: The Deliverer from Sin and Deception

-Agency and Anger

-The Doctrine of Faith

-The Doctrine of Forgiveness

-The Doctrine of Repentance

-The Doctrine of Redemption

-Dispelling Falsehood and Living Free
OBJECTIVES: This course is designed to develop student ability in the following areas:

Improve capacity to read texts insightfully.

Improve ability to write in order to gain insight and represent it's significance effectively.

Promote awareness of the intricate dynamics of the natural tendency to live to justify self.

Develop one's desire to live with intellectual honesty and emotional courage when living to submit oneself to God's invitation to become perfected in Christ.
REQUIREMENTS: The grading for the course will be based upon the cumulative grade point average of class exams, a midterm, the final examination, and a final written project and readings from "Bonds That Make us Free", by C. Terry Warner, "Mere Christianity", by C. S. Lewis, and additional writings by Warner, Lewis , and others.
PREREQUISITES: Student accumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Commitment and competency in reading and writing to explore theological and philisophical issues.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1999