Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Theory and application of non-destructive testing systems. Techniques for quality control. Includes magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, leak, visual, and ultrasonic testing.
DESCRIPTION: Two hours lecture; four hours lab per week. Interpreting and writing welding procedures and welder qualifications and specifications. Welding to AWS, API, and ASME codes to meet the entry level employment standards for Code work. Training in the procedures using SMAW, STAW, GMAW, and FCAW processes for qualification of welders in all positions on plate, pipe, and rebar. May be taken more than once. A qualification test will be given at end of course by a qualified Certified Welding Testing Lab. (Winter)
TOPICS: 1. General NDT Methods/Introduction (1 week)
2. U.T. General Physics of Sound, including: (2 weeks)
A. Modes of Vibration
B. Refraction
C. Reflection
D. Acoustic Impedance
E. Velocity
F. Wave Theory
G. Beam Spread/Divergence
H. Zones of Sound
3. Ultrasonic Equipment: (1 week)
A. The Instrument
B. Tarnsducers
C. Couplant
4. Detection: Reflectors/Discontinuities (2 weeks)
A. Penetration
B. Attenuation
C. Detectability
D. Sound Intensity
E. Resolution
F. Sensitivity
5. Inspection Technology (2 weeks)
A. Straight/Normal Beam Calibration
B. Dual Element Calibrations
C. Angle Calibrations
6. Alternate U.T. Inspection Methods and Equipment (1 week)
7. Magnetic Particle Testing (1 week)
8. Penetrant Testing (1 week)
9. Leak Test (1 week)
10. Visual Testing (1week)
11. Specifications, Codes, and Application (1 week)
12. Review of Methods (1 week)
OBJECTIVES: Learn basic methods of NDE, Learn welding and N.D.T. weld symbols, Learn to match NDE process with specific applications, Complete course work and lab exercises pertaining to Level I.U.T. Inspection, Correctly demonstrate use of U.T., Visual Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, and Penetrant Testing inspection procedures.
REQUIREMENTS: Written Tests (Total 400 pts.)
1. Four unit tests 25 pts 100 pts.
2. Mid-term 100 pts 100 pts
3. Final 100 pts 100 pts
4. Ten daily quizzes 10 pts 100 pts.

Skills Tests (Total 900 pts.)
1. Three unit tests 100 pts. 300 pts.
2. Mid-term 100 pts. 100 pts.
3. Final 200 pts. 200 pts.
4. Labs-Research
& Report 300 pts. 300 pts.

Prof (Total 100 pts.) 10% 100 pts.
Total 1000 pts.
PREREQUISITES: Weld 105, 123, 225 or current enrollment