Advanced Field Methods
CLASS CODE: GEOL 410 CREDITS:  3 FEE:  $175.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Field experience covering mapping skills; sample and data collection; synthesis of field and literature research; and report writing.
DESCRIPTION: Students will spend approximately 6 weeks mapping and gathering field data from possible field localities in the Teton, Beaverhead, and Lemhi Ranges; Island Park and the Eastern Snake River Plain; the Colorado Plateau; Basin and Range province; and Uinta Mountains. The field studies will include work in sedimentary, volcanic, plutonic, and metamorphic terrains, as well as surficial deposits. Data collected in the field will be incorporated with literature research done in Geology 412 to prepare final reports on the various regions visited.
TOPICS: Techniques in mapping rock units and structures on topographic and aerial photo bases. Mapping surficial deposits. Mapping sedimentary rocks. Mapping in silicicic and basaltic volcanic rocks. Mapping in intrusive and metamorphic rocks. Illustration preparation. Report writing and report presentation.

OBJECTIVES: 1. Students will learn to collect lithologic, stratigraphic, and structural data.
2. Students will learn to prepare geologic maps, stratigraphic sections, and structure sections based on field data they collect.
3. Students will prepare a series of reports synthesizing their field data and information obtained during literature searches in Geology 412. Written and oral reports will include properly prepared maps, sections, and illustrations. Each report will summarize the geologic history of the region studied.
REQUIREMENTS: Approximately 6 weeks of field work in rugged terrain. Concurrent registration in Geology 311, 370 & 412. No other classes can be taken during this summer semester. Personal field gear including: sleeping bag and pad, canteen, hand lens, rock hammer, field notebook, colored pencils, camera and film, etc. Contact instructor prior to the end of the previous winter semester for detailed schedule and supplies list. A field trip fee will be required.
PREREQUISITES: Geol 350, Math 110, 111; concurrent registration in Geol 311, 370 & 412; or instructors concent.
OTHER: Students must be in appropriate physical condition to work in the rugged field areas of the mountain west. See instructor if you have concerns about this requirement.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2003