Military Science
Director: Jon Harris
Secretary: Janine Clifford (208) 496-2153
Department Faculty: Sean CannonLen Hartley


The Army ROTC program is an extension of Boise State University and Idaho State University. The traditional Army ROTC program encompasses a four-year period tailored to the normal progression of a student through four years of college. A student can now take all four years of ROTC at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Entry into the ROTC advanced course requires U.S. citizenship and the student must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Anyone can take the 1st two years of ROTC.

Arrangements can be made for entry into the program anytime prior to the junior year of college. For specific circumstances, students may also take two years of academic work at once. Such actions should have the approval, in advance of the professor of Military Science.

The Army ROTC Program is designed to produce highly qualified commissioned officers in the U.S. Regular Army, Army Reserve and the U.S. Army National Guard. The Military Science student will incur no military obligation while in the program at BYU-Idaho . An obligation will be incurred when the student signs the advance course contract at the beginning the the junior year at a four-year institution. At that time, they must agree to serve as a commissioned officer for a period of three years on active duty or six years in the Army Reserve or National Guard. A monthly subsistence allowance is paid to contracted students during the last two years of ROTC.

The instruction program compliments the academic schedule of the university and is taught by professional career officers and non-commissioned officers from the Regular Army, Army Reserve or National Guard. Students specialize in the major field of their choice and graduate with the ability to function as a junior executive. The Army ROTC studies are designed to teach principles and techniques of leadership and management in preparation for service as an army officer and civic leader.
SMP Program
A program allowing for simultaneous membership in National Guard or Army Reserve during the junior and senior year that provides additional pay (up to $400 per month) as an officer trainees.
Uniforms and Training Materials
Uniforms and training materials are furnished by the U.S. Army.
Army ROTC Scholarship Program
Full tuition assistance is available on a competitive basis. College students enrolled in Army ROTC may qualify for a two or three year scholarship. The scholarship provides for full tuition, fees, a textbook allowance, and $150 per month for the period of the scholarship.
Extracurricular Activities
Army ROTC cadets extend academic and laboratory associations into a variety of extracurricular activities. Among these are the Ranger Club, Army Color Guard, Pistol Team, and an annual Military Ball, skiing, rafting, rappelling, and more.