Department of Recreation Leadership
Department Chair: Jerry Jex
Department Secretary: Colleen Masterson (208) 0 -
Department Faculty: Kari ArchibaldJerry JexSteve KugathScott Wood

Department of Recreation Leadership Mission Statement
The Recreation Leadership Department provides students life enhancing skills and wisdom to make wholesome recreation choices regarding personal and family leisure time. Students receive outstanding leadership training through adventure education. Majors receive professional preparation for many career opportunities. The unique natural resources of the region and departments's experiential teaching philosophy provide students with opportunities for personal growth, enhanced self-esteem, ability to manage risk and the development of strong resource protection and service ethics.
Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Recreation Leadership:
The Department of Recreation Leadership offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Leadership. Recreation Leadership Majors will complete 45 credits of the Recreation Leadership Major Requirements and an approved minor in the department of your choice. For example, those interested in Commercial Recreation could complete a minor in Business, offered by the Department of Business Management and those interested in Resource Management could complete a minor in Natural Resources from the Department of Biology. Those interested in Therapeutic Recreation should see their advisor for minor choices.
Recreation Leadership Minor
Students with complimentary majors may also complete 25 credits of Recreation Leadership Minor Requirements for a Minor in Recreation Leadership. Possible complimentary majors include, but are not limited to: Business Management, Health, Education, Accounting, Biology, Geology, Social Work, Psychology, Family Science, Horticulture, Animal Science, Communications, and Performing Arts.
Therapeutic Recreation
Students interested in Therapeutic Recreation should see their advisor to set up their program. Recommended courses for Recreation Leadership Majors with an interest in therapy include: RL370 Therapeutic Recreation, RL471 Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation, RL472 Program Dynamics in Therapeutic Recreation, Bio264 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Bio265 Human Anatomy & Physiology II, Psych111 General Psychology, Psych242 Adnormal Psychology and Psycho 201 Developmental Psychology Life Span.
Career Opportunities
Students graduating from this major will be prepared for entry level management positions (depending on selected minor) in the following areas: commercial recreation (i.e. retail sales, recreation facility management), youth agencies and organizations (i.e. boy/girl Scouts, YMCA, summer camp programs), federal agencies (i.e. BLM, National Park Service, Forest Service, Armed Services, Army Corps of Engineers), state & municipal agencies (i.e. state parks, community & municipal recreation, public facilities management, senior citizen centers) and therapeutic recreation (i.e. nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers)
Summit Expeditions
Students interested in outdoor adventure may register for a summit expedition. Advanced outdoor and leadership skills are included in summit curriculum. Priority will be given to Recreation Leadership Majors. Prerequisite: RL123 Basic Skills.
Winter Summit: An extended winter backcountry trip into the Teton Mountains during Christmas Break. This trip is split into two parts. First is a three day shakedown trip where students learn the basics of winter shelter construction, food preparation and telemark skiing. The second segment lasts six to eight days where winter skills are put to the test. Four credits are available.
Spring Summit: A six week trip including a ten day Wilderness First Responder course (required for Recreation Leadership Majors.) Three weeks of the trip take place in the Canyonlands of Southern Utah and one week in the Teton Mountain Range. Skills taught are mountaineering, mountain biking, backpacking etc. (enrollment is limited)
Program Description

B.S.  in Recreation Leadership (610)   
No double counting of major courses
Minor or 2 Clusters Required

General Education Requirements

For a complete listing of the General Education and University Requirements go to General Education
Major Requirements
Requirement 1:

Take these Courses    
RL 123, 200, 304, 307, 320, 343, 483, 486, 487, 498R
Take 1 Course    
HS 223
RL 380
Take 4 Credits    
AS 140, 145, 240, 245, 247, 440
RL 223R, 224R, 225R

Requirement 2:

Take 9 Credits    
AS 140, 145, 240, 245, 247, 440
B 101, 260
BIO 210
GEOG 230, 240
RL 223R, 224R, 225R, 298R, 342, 370, 423, 424, 471, 472, 497R, 499R

Minor in  Recreation Leadership (164)   
No double counting of minor courses
Students interested in a minor in Recreation Leadership and Education should complete 25 credits from the following courses:
Take these Courses    
RL 123, 200, 304, 307, 320, 343, 486

Take 2 Credits    
RL 223R, 224R, 225R

Take 3 Credits    
AS 140, 145, 240, 245, 247, 440
B 101, 260
BIO 210
GEOG 230, 240
HS 223
RL 223R, 224R, 225R, 298R, 342, 370, 380, 423, 424, 483, 499R
Course Descriptions

RL 123  Basic Outdoor Skills (2:1:2)
Fee:  $50.00
A beginning level course covering outdoor clothing, equipment, wilderness navigation, outdoor cooking, safety, and minimal impact camping techniques. A prerequisite for RL223R, 224R, 225R level II classes. Recommended to take freshman year but must be completed before graduation.
RL 200 Recreation Leadership (3:3:0)
Application of leadership theories and principles to recreation settings.
RL 223R Outdoor Skills - Land (1-6:2:2)
Fee:  $80.00
Prerequisite: RL123 recommended before level II classes and must be taken before graduation.
Skill and leadership development for camping, hiking, survival skills, backpacking, wilderness navigation, rockclimbing and mountain biking. See schedule for specific section or topic and number of credits allowed for a specific class.
RL 224R Outdoor Skills - Water (1-6:2:2)
Fee:  $80.00
Prerequisite: RL123 recommended before level II classes and must be taken before graduation.
Skill and leadership development for one of the following: canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, fly fishing and fly tying. See class schedule for specific section or topic and number of credits allowed for specific class.
RL 225R Outdoor Skills - Snow (1-6:2:2)
Fee:  $80.00
Skill and leadership development for winter camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, backcountry skiing, and mountaineering. See class schedule for specific section or topic and number of credits allowed for specific section.
RL 298R Introductory Internship (1-3:0:0)
Prerequisite: Must have completed 12 credits of Recreation Leadership core classes
An introductory experience in a departmental approved leisure service program.
RL 304 Leisure in Society (3:3:0)
Challenges associated with leisure. Emphasis on leisure values and their relationship to society and the individual.
RL 307 Accessible Recreation (3:3:0)
Agencies, programs, theories, and professional opportunities associated with recreation for the disabled. Practical methods emphasized.
RL 320 Program Management (3:3:0)
Organization and administrative skills necessary for the planning and development of recreation programs in commercial, public, and non-profit settings. Theoretical concepts with a practical application emphasis.
RL 342 Environmental Interpretation (3:3:0)
Fee:  $10.00
Techniques useful for outdoor recreation visitor information and education programs and services.
RL 343 Experiencial Education/Adventure Challenge Leadership (3:3:0)
The design and facilitation of experiential learning activities. Emphasis on leadership and teambuilding.
RL 370 Therapeutic Recreation (3:3:0)
Fee:  $10
Introduction to the field of Therapeutic Recreation. Clinical interventions for individuals with special needs or problems.
RL 380 Wilderness First Responder (4:2:3)
Fee:  $200.00
Recommended for students seeking employment in wilderness environments. National Certification for Wilderness First Responder skills. Emphasis on accepted medical protocols for situations requiring extended patient management in the wilderness, extreme environments, and with limited equipment.
RL 423 Recreation Resource Management (3:3:0)
Fee:  $30.00
Introduction to theory, processes, and techniques for the management of natural resource based recreation activities. Emphasis on site impacts and visitor management.
RL 424 Commercial Recreation (3:3:0)
Introduction to the commercial recreation industry and career opportunities. Theme parks, convention centers, special event management, travel and tourism, outfitting and guiding, resort management, lodging and food, and support industries such as equipment sales, etc. will be covered.
RL 471 Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation (3:3:0)
Fee:  $10
Prerequisite: RL370 preferred or instructors approval. Highly recommended prerequisite Math 221 Statistics
Patient assessment, treatment plan development, and counseling procedures.
RL 472 Program Dynamics in Therapeutic Recreation (3:3:0)
Fee:  $10
Prerequisite: RL 370 or instructor approval
This course is designed to provide the therapeutic recreation student with practical exposure to a broad range of therapeutic techniques and to assist in gaining clinical skills and competencies needed to plan and implement programs for people with disabilities.
RL 483 Recreation Facility Management & Design (3:3:0)
A broad survey course of recreation facilities, from outdoor environmental learning centers and camps to skate parks to fitness centers to stadiums and arenas. Theories and concepts that apply to all types of recreation facilities will be explored.
RL 486 Legal Aspects and Risk Management of Leisure Services (3:3:0)
Study of laws affecting recreation services. Professional responsibility for the development of risk management protocols and procedures.
RL 487 Research and Evaluation (3:3:0)
Prerequisite: Math 221 Statistics to be completed before or concurrently.
Empirical research methods used in leisure service delivery programs. The selection and application of appropriate research methods. How to design, collect, analyze, interpret, and report information for needs assessment and program evaluation. Review of pertinent research literature.
RL 497R Topics and Research (1-3:0:0)
Prerequisite: Must be a recreation leadership major or minor
Independent study of a leisure issue or problem. Study must be approved by department and conducted under the supervision of an assigned department faculty member.
RL 498R Senior Internship (1-3:0:0)
Prerequisite: Senior Internship should be taken after 24 credits of recreation core courses have been completed. Student must contact the Internship Director when planning their internship experience.
Professional experience in a departmental approved leisure service program. To be completed near the end of degree.
RL 499R Leadership Seminar (1-3:0:0)
Fee:  $30.00
Special intensive exposure to a selected topic in the recreation profession. Study must be approved by department and conducted under the supervision of an assigned department faculty member.