Department of Automotive
Department Chair: Dondavid Powell
Department Secretary: Kenna Carter (208) 496-1862
Department Faculty: Jerry MummDondavid PowellTroy Spratling

Department of Automotive
The Brigham Young University-Idaho Automotive Department prepares students to enter one of the largest and far-reaching service industries that affects virtually every household. The opportunities in this field have never been better as the complexity of the automobile removes many operations and procedures from the realm of the do-it-yourself amateur technician. This results in a good demand for well trained, honest, and progressive individuals, whether it be in the technical, industrial, teaching, or business fields.

The Automotive Program is housed in the Mark Austin Engineering and Technology building, one of the finest facilities for automotive repair education available. It includes four laboratories, each furnished with quality testing and diagnostic equipment. The program reinforces diagnostic and repair skills by working on customer vehicles.

There are also some classes available to non-majors on an elective basis. This will provide them with consumer level general automotive knowledge and preventive maintenance repair skills.

Special Costs: A lab fee of $60 per semester covering coveralls, shop towels, and cleaning fee is required of all auto majors. The student is strongly encouraged to buy and use his/her own tools. They will need them for their internship and employment. Tool vendors will offer substantial discounts for student tool sets. It is not encouraged, but the department has a limited number of modest tool kits available for rent. The deposit is $50 per semester for the basic set, of which $25 is refundable upon return of the intact set. Students are required to replace lost tools.

Minimum G.P.A. requirements: To qualify for graduation from the Automotive Program, students must achieve at least a "C" grade in every class.

B.S. in Automotive Technology Management (410):

Students desiring to obtain a B.S. degree in Technology Management see the Business Management section of this catalog.
Program Description

A.A.S.  in Automotive Technology (346)   
Students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology (346). This prepares them to enter the world of work as a service technician, or continue and earn a Bachelor of Science degree in BYU-Idaho's Technology Management program (410) with an Automotive empthasis, through the Department of Business Management. Graduates are prepared for management positions in the automotive industry. Students may begin either fall or winter semester, but must be admitted on the fall/winter track. Internships are done during the summer months. See adviser for details.

For a suggested course sequence, see

Basic Education Requirements

As you fill the Basic Education Requirements and University requirements, take the classes listed below and then go to the Basic Education section for a complete listing of the requirements.
Take these Courses    Min Grade: C
B 370
IS 140
MATH 108
Major Requirements
Take all of these Courses    
AUTO 095, 155, 155L, 165, 165L, 221, 225, 225L, 235, 235L, 240, 250, 265, 280, 298
B 275, 283
Take 1 Course    
ME 131
WELD 105, 280
Course Descriptions

AUTO 095 Auto Lab Fee (0:0:0)
Fee:  $60.00
Clothing Rental and Cleaning Fee
AUTO 100 Basic Auto (2:2:0)
A basic consumer orientation/career exploration class for those wanting to know more about their cars and careers in the automotive field. Information is through lectures and demonstrations. You don't need a car to take it.
AUTO 155 Steering, Suspension, and Brakes (4:2:0)
Steering geometry and alignment, suspension service, brake diagnosis, service and repair. Students must also register for an Auto 155L lab.
AUTO 155L Steering, Suspension, and Brakes Lab (0:0:6)
Diagnosis and repairing of steering, brakes, and vehicle wheel alignment of cars and light trucks. This is the lab portion of this course.
AUTO 165 Automotive Drive Mechanisms (4:2:0)
Prerequisite: Previous automotive experience or consent of the instructor.
Principles and theory, diagnosis and repair of clutch mechanisms, manual transmissions and transaxles, transfer cases, drive shafts, and drive axles. Students must also register for an Auto 165L lab.
AUTO 165L Automotive Drive Mechanisms Lab (0:0:6)
Prerequisite: Previous automotive experience or consent of instructor.
Clutch mechanisms, manual transmissions and transaxles, transfer cases, drive shaft principles and theory, drive axle service, diagnosis, and repair.
AUTO 221 Heating & Air Conditioning (2:1:3)
Wiring diagrams, vacuum circuits, climate control systems, air conditioning theory, diagnosis and repair of all related systems. (2nd Block, Winter Semester)
AUTO 225 Automotive Electrical Systems (5:6:0)
Prerequisite: Automotive Major. Concurrent enrollment in Auto 225L is required.
Basic electricity, automotive electrical circuits, starting systems, charging systems, accessory circuits, problem diagnosis, repair, and adjustment. Students must also register for an Auto 225L lab.
AUTO 225L Automotive Electrical Systems (0:0:6)
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Auto 225 is required.
Basic electricity, automotive electrical circuits, starting systems, charging systems, accessory circuits, problem diagnosis, repair, and adjustment.
AUTO 235 Engine Performance (5:6:0)
Diagnosis and repair of the automobile ignition system, fuel system, design and service of emission systems and fundamentals of fuel injection. Students must also register for an Auto 235L lab.
AUTO 235L Engine Performance Lab (0:0:6)
The laboratory experience that compliments Auto 235. Service and diagnosis of automotive fuel, ignition, and emissions systems and how each system effects vehicle performance and driveability will be the major emphasis of this class.
AUTO 250 Major Engine Repair (5:4:8)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Auto 235 and 235L.
Engine theory and procedures for engine overhaul and rebuilding. Major problem diagnosis testing, repairing, and ways of determining as a businessman the most feasible method of repair.
AUTO 265 Automatic Transmissions (5:4:8)
Prerequisite: Previous automotive experience or instructor consent. Concurrent enrollment in Auto 095.
Theory of operation, diagnosis and repair of all common types of automatic transmissions used in passenger cars and light trucks.
AUTO 280 Computers, Diagnostic & Repair (5:6:6)
Prerequisite: Department major or a good working knowledge of the automotive electrical and fuel systems. You should have completed auto electrics and fuel and emission systems or equivalent or have instructors permission.
Emphasis on computer controlled systems. Advanced systems diagnosis of automotive systems covered; also repair or service recommendations concerning vechicle systems.
AUTO 298 Internship (2:0:0)
Prerequisite: Automotive major.
Ten consecutive weeks of supervised on-the-job training. Required during interim summer of all 2-year majors. Conditions of internship are handled on an individual basis by department intern coordinator. This does not replace the 4-year Technology Management internship requirement.