Tool Design
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: This course will cover the theories and calculations involved in the follwoing specific areas of tool design: cutting tool geometry and tool life calculations, jig and fixture design, pressworking tools (piercing and blanking), drawing and forming press tools, and sheet metal bending. The principle concepts of these areas will be taught and demonstrated. The concepts of creative thinking, conceptual and alternative ideas and team work will be emphasized to help the student become familiar with industrial methods of problem-solving.
CONTENT AND TOPICS: The student will be introduced to the following tool design concepts:
1. Introduction and definition of Tool Design
2. Principles of chip formation and cutting tool geometry
3. Tool life calculations.
4. Workholding principles
5. Jig Design
6. Fixture Design
7. Design of Pressworking tools (piercing and blanking)
8. Drawing and forming press tools
9. Sheet metal bending
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will demonsrate their mastering of the course topics by performing the following outcomes:
1. Be able to perform logarithmetic/exponential calculations of cutting speed, federate, and infeed for a desired tool life when using specified workpiece and tool materials.
2. Create a design of a jig or fixture to accomplish a required operation on a specified workpiece. the principles of systematic problem-solving are to be applied with findings and procedures for each step included in a design report. The design report is to be orally presented to the other members of the class in the form of a design review which will invite questions and suggestions from the class. A summary of this design review will be included in the final report.
3. Prepare a design report of a pressworking tooling design. This design is to be of a progressive type which will include piercing and blanking. The design report will have drawings and calculations, center of pressure calculations, press tonnage requirements and sectional views of the final tooling.
4. Pressworking tool design of a specified drawing project. This project is to contain designs and calculations for punching out a flat blank of material and drawing it into a cup of specified dimensions. The designs and calculations are to include: blank shape and size calculations, draw down ratios and percentages, required redraws, banking punch and die calculations, drawing punch and die calculations for each draw. Also, evaluation of the available laboratory tooling will be performed to access the validity of the presented principles with a real world example and submitted as a part of this project.
5. Bending operations. Project is to show sketches and calculations of bend allowances and developed strip length for bending a number of flat strips of material into assigned shapes of given dimensions.
REQUIREMENTS: Student's grade will be determined by the following evaluation measures:
a. Assigned textbook homework
b. Oral presentations (two)
c. Projects:
- Jig and Fixture project
- Drawing press tooling project
- Bending project
d. Exams and Quizzes
- Mid-term exam
- final exam
- Quizzes (as determined to be necessary)

Attendance Requirements and Honor Code: Students are expected to attend all lectures, laboratory sessions, and final exam. If it is necessary to be absent at any of these sessions, the student should make PRE-ARRANGEMENTS with the instructor.
OTHER: The syllabus and class assignment represents a tentative outline and schedule for this class. The instructor reserves the right to make changes, deletions, corrections, or additions during the course. Students will be given advance notice of any changes.

In compliance with the applicable disability laws, qualified students with a disability may be entitled to "reasonable accommodation." It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special needs and/or learning disabilities he/she may have before the first week of class is over. Also, please contact Red Taylor as SSD, 496-1159, taylorr@byui.edu.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2003