Manufacturing Processes, Materials, and Design
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Integration of manufacturing and engineering design. Emphasis on principles of formation, processes, machine parameters, measurement, material selection and heat treating.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Summer
CONTENT AND TOPICS: The student will understand and apply the following concepts:
1. Materials and properties.
2. Measuring and statistical methods of quality control.
3. Material removal processes
4. Casting processes
5. Development of team skills, written and oral communication, problem-solving skills, and safety.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will:
1. Understand engineering materials and properties.
a) Mechanical properties
b) Physical poroperties
c) Metals: Ferrous, Nonferrous, Alloys
d) Heat treating methods to change physical properties
2. Understand principles of measuring and quality control.
a) Dimensions, tolerances, and fits
b) Precision measuring tools
c) Statistical methods of evaluating quality and process capability.
3. Understand material removal processes.
a) Theory of chip formation
b) Machining parameters; Speed, Feedrate, Infeed
c) Tool life calculations
4. Understand methods of casting materials.
a) Sand casting
b) Fixed mold casting
c) Investment casting
5. Develop team skills to participate in group design and manufacturing projects.
a) Group design and analysis
b) Design process
- Conceptual ideas
- Evaluation and elimination techniques
- Design reviews
c) Material selection
d) Manufacturing methods
e) Develop group problem-solving skills, Brainstorming, Cause and effect diagrams, etc.
f) Develop group participation and communication skills.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Exams 1 @ 150 pts each 300 pts
Quizzes Approx. 10 @ 10 pts ea Bonus
Lab Projects* #1 Measuring 100 pts
#2 Metallurgy 100 pts
#3 Tool Life 100 pts
#4 Lathe Exercise 100 pts
#5 Lathe - Threading 100 pts
#6 C-Clamp - Tapering 100 pts
#7 Casting & Boring 100 pts
TOTAL 1000 pts

2. Grading Evaluation and Class Policy: Student's grade will be based on the total accumulated points as outlined above and below.
[1000-900] [899-800] [799-700] [699-<]

3. Attendance Requirements and Honor Code: Students are expected to attend all lectures and laboratory sessions. If it is necessary to be absent at any of these sessions the student should make pre-arrangements with the instructor. PARTICULARLY if a laboratory session is missed, the student must check with the instructor before running any of the laboratory equipment. This is for the student's personal safety, as well as protecting the laboratory equipment from possible damage.

Students are expected to observe the BYU-Idaho honor code. This includes: conduct, dress and grooming standards, and observing LDS principles.

Caveat: The syllabus and class assignment sheet represent a tentative outling and schedule for the class. The instructor reserves the right to make changes, deletions, corrections, or additions during the course. Students will be given advance notice of any changes. It is the responsibility of the student to attend class and be aware of these changes.

Students with Special Needs: In compliance with the applicable disability laws, qualified students with a disability may be entitled to "reasonable accommodation." It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special need he/she may have before the end of the first week of class. Also, please contact Red Taylor as SSD, 496-1159, taylorr@byui.edu.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2003