Environmental Geology
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: A detailed look at the environmental issues impacting societies today. Common geologic hazards associated with floods, landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes will be discussed. The course will also focus on the issues of an increasing demand for natural resources by an ever-growing population. Related impacts of waste management and pollution are also addressed.
TAUGHT: Winter, Fall
CONTENT AND TOPICS: 1. Philosophy of Environmental movement
2. Soils
3. Rivers & Flooding
4. Mass Wasting
5. Earthquakes
6. Volcanoes
7. Coastal Hazards
8. Water quality and availability
9. Managing waste
10. Natural Resources and resource management
11. Climate change/Global warming
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. Be cogizant of varying viewpoints/ philosiphies within the emvironmental movement, not necessarily wrong or right, but different.
2. Learn the imprtance of sils as they relate to building issues and food supply, erosion problems.
3. Learn the problems and possible ways to mitigate the hazards sociey has to deal with regarding the following geologic hazards: Flooding, Mass Wasting, Earthquakes, volcanoes, Coastal erosion.
4. Increase awareness of the impacts a growing population has in regards to geologic hazards.
5. Learn the issues associated with renewable and non-renewable resources and how society may have to adapt.
6. Understand problems and mitigating efforts dealing with the generation of waste/ and waste disposal efforts (municipalities, industried, toxic and radioactive wastes).
7. Increase understanding of the concerns related to water quality and water quantity and efforts to protect these recourses.
8. Discuss the concepts of Global Warming, looking at facts versus model predictions, trying to understand the anthrpomorphic influences that may contribute to climate change.
9. Improve ability to work collaborativelly on a project.
10. Increase cofidence in making formal presentations.
REQUIREMENTS: Attend all field trips.
PREREQUISITES: Geol 111 or 101 & 102
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2002