Contract Design I
CLASS CODE: ID 355 CREDITS:  3 FEE:  $15.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: A course designed to give students intermediate experience in research development and practical competencies in contract design. A foundation in systems furniture, building codes and building systems will be emphasized with special attention to adaptive reuse concepts.
TAUGHT: Winter
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Codes: building code introduction; occupancy classifications and loads; construction types and building sizes; means of egress; fire and smoke protection; plumbing and mechanical requirements; electrical and communication requirements; finish and furniture selection; code officials and the code process;
Systems furniture and specification; Restaurant design;
Contract space planning methodology: small and dimensionally demanding spaces; the building shell and major systems; important influencing factors; developing a rough floor plan; refining solutions; developing skills beyond the basics.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. To introduce the student to commercial building codes.
2. To build and add to the student's knowledge of the varied aspects of contract design: codes, programming, space planning, construction drawings, finish materials selection, specifications and lighting.
3. To provide the student with an opportunity for further research skill development in relationship to design process and problem solution in contract design.
4. To expose the student to special population considerations in contract design and adaptive reuse concepts.
5. To introduce the student to systems furniture and to develop skills in layout and specification.
6. To provide an opportunity for team approach to design conceptualization, process and solution.
7. To further develop the studentís oral, written and presentation skills.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Attendance.
2. Reading assignments in the course texts and supplementary materials.
3. Design assignments:
Chapter worksheets
Systems specifications worksheets
Space planning worksheets and sketches
4. Three major design projects

PREREQUISITES: (Majors only) ID 341, ID 380, ID 395