Contract Design II
CLASS CODE: ID 460 CREDITS:  3 FEE:  $15.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: A course designed to provide students advanced experience in contract design and research development. Particular attention is directed to facilities required for special populations resulting from social problems, i.e., nursing and elderly care, persons with AIDS, persons suffering substance abuse, battered women shelters, juvenile centers, persons with eating disorders, etc.
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Students work as a team and select a project to research involving present modern social problems. The following topics are covered during the 16-week project and are required in the final projects.
1. Research organized with conclusions and bound or in three-ring notebooks with cover page.
2. Client book with design statement/concept; design problem; program; project management.
3. Ideation & process bound or in notebook.
4. Colored presentation floor plan.
5. Floor plan with designated areas and furniture.
6. Wall elevations (at least two) with notes and explanations.
7. Lighting for major public area and individual resident room.
8. Elevation & cabinet detail.
9. Elevation & wall detail showing paneling and/or trims.
10. Colored perspectives.
11. Exterior elevation with notes.
12. Material, color and finish boards.
13. Model(s) of individual room(s) with furniture and block model of facility.
14. Graphic signage & wayfinding layout -floorplans.
15. Indicate security system.
16. Attention to: energy management, data/voice telecommunication systems, lighting systems, ceiling systems, flooring systems, acoustics & code requirements.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of the course, the student will:
1. Identify design restrictions for a special population, i.e. elderly, disabled; persons suffering substance abuse, battered women, AIDS, and other healthcare and social issues in project format.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of human factors and sensitivity to design for the elderly, disabled, or those in need of special healthcare considerations in project format.
3. Identify principles of "universal design" in relationship to special populations in project format.
4. Demonstrate communication skills through oral, written, graphic and mode presentation skills in project format.
5. Apply team work principles in the design process and problem solution of a chosen design project.
6. Demonstrate knowledge of ADA requirements and use them throughout an assigned project.
7. Demonstrate research strategies for programming and concept development for a chosen design project.
8. Identify social problems facing our society and the role design can play in the healing process.
9. Identify and apply previously learned design knowledge and skills to a large research- oriented, conceptual design project.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Each student will complete the assigned design project with accompanying list of requirements.
2. Each student or team will be required to initiate independent research for problem solution.
3. The student will be required to meet all deadlines as indicated in the course outline or set by the student team.
PREREQUISITES: (Majors only)
ID 355, ID 382