Comprehensive Project
CLASS CODE: ID 499 CREDITS:  4 FEE:  $10.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: A capstone course designed to prepare the student for the NCIDQ Examination through lecture review of all previous design courses, written exams, and completion of a timed design practicum. Local community design project(s) involvement required. Required last semester for graduation.

TAUGHT: Winter
CONTENT AND TOPICS: NCIDQ introduction; elements and principles of design; human factors; programming; space planning; cost estimating; construction drawings; construction specifications; contract documents and bidding procedures; furniture, fixtures and equipment; interior construction; finishes; lighting; mechanical and electrical systems; acoustics; communication methods; building codes; exiting; barrier-free design; owner-designer agreements; professional practice; project coordination; history; programming (a problem solving approach for users of interior spaces); professional practice of architectural working drawings; interior construction and detailing; specifications for commercial interiors; design practicum: section I and section II.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. To review major course material from previous interior design courses and other supplementary information in preparation for the NCIDQ examination.
2. To further develop oral, written, and presentation skills through class lecture opportunities.
3. To examine and refine skills in programming, drafted communication, space planning, elevations and sections, material and finish specifications and schedules, wall details, electrical and reflected ceiling plans, fixture schedules, and concepts through lecture review and timed design practicum sections.
4. To provide an opportunity for further research skill development, professional coordination with other specialists, and increased communication with real clients and other professionals through community design projects.
5. To provide an opportunity for team approach to design conceptualization, process, and solution through community design projects.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Attendance.
2. Lecture presentations.
3. Reading assignments in course texts and supplementary materials.
4. Ten quizzes.
5. Community project: 80 hours of community design service.
6. Design practicum: section I and section II.

PREREQUISITES: (Majors only) ID 381, ID 385, ID 460