ASID/Portfolio/Field Trip
CLASS CODE: ID 100 CREDITS:  0.5 FEE:  $60.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Required each semester for all Interior Design majors. A course designed to strengthen and enrich the program and exposure of interior design students to the professional design world. Includes membership in the student chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) with arranged class presentations by guest lecturers and other activities. Portfolio Review participation required each semester. Participation in two field trips (one major/one minor) required for graduation from the program. Foreign field trips available but not required.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Topics and emphases will vary widely each semester depending upon the guest lecturers and field trip destinations. Topics may be related to: the interior design profession; materials and sources; architecture and construction; fine and applied arts; psychological, emotional and social issues; global and environmental issues, etc.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. To strengthen, supplement and enrich interior design course offerings through professional associations, constructive review of individual student portfolios and travel exposure.

2. To increase awareness of the professional world of design through additional professional points of view and new product information.

3. To aid students psychologically in dealing with time management, stress, motivation, professionalism, etc.

4. To provide exposure for students to museums, historical and contemporary architecture and furnishings, surface ornamentation, furniture design, fine and applied arts, and other interior design oriented subjects.

5. To expose students to architectural building materials and interior finish materials in actual use.

6. To expose students to professional design studios and business procedures.

7. To stimulate global understanding of differing cultures through foreign travel.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. ATTENDANCE AT ASID MEETINGS: Attendance at all meetings, events, presentations, and workshops is mandatory. Professional dress is required in respect of our professional guests. Punctuality is also a sign of respect! Regularly scheduled meetings will be held on arranged/announced Monday mornings from 8:00-9:50 a.m. Special events or presentations may be held at times other than the regularly scheduled time in order to facilitate a special event or out-of-town guest. You will be advised of these exceptions and provided with an excuse if needed. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL SPECIAL EVENTS. Listen carefully for announcements of upcoming speakers or events and watch for important information advertised in the Interior Design classroom areas and on the calendar. There may be times when an ASID meeting is unexpectedly canceled or revised due to the weather, illness, professional demands, etc.
2. ATTENDANCE AT PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Attendance by each student at an individual portfolio review by the Interior Design faculty is mandatory each semester. Professional dress will be required. Sign-up sheets will be posted as the time approaches. A minimal number of lecture courses will be held during that time. You will be notified by your course instructors as to those classes requiring attendance.

3. PARTICIPATION IN FIELD TRIPS: Interior design majors must participate in two interior design field trips during their course of study at BYU-Idaho. One of the field trips must be a major trip to a major market city. Typically, a major field trip and a minor field trip is planned for each school year. Students must pay all fees associated with travel, lodging, insurance, food and costs associated with the field trip. Costs vary greatly depending upon destination; length of travel time also varies. Attendance at pre-field trip meetings may be required, particularly for foreign travel preparation. All participants are expected to cooperate with faculty advisors and tour directors and adhere to BYU-Idaho Honor and Dress Code. Consideration and arrangements for students with disabilities will be made with reasonable time for planning.
PREREQUISITES: (Majors only)
OTHER: 1. The final course grade will be based on attendance as per the following: 1 Unexcused absence=B, 2 Unexcused absences=C, More than 2 absences=F

2. Failure to attend Portfolio Review will result in an automatic failing grade for the course.
3. Failure to participate in two field trips during the course of baccalaureate studies will result in non-matriculation.