Racquetball Beginning
CLASS CODE: PE 117 CREDITS:  1 FEE:  $4.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: To teach basic skills, fundamentals, and techniques of beginning racquetball. Students must provide their own goggles.
TAUGHT: Winter, Summer, Fall
CONTENT AND TOPICS: This class is designed to teach the basic skills, fundamentals, and techniques required to play racquetball effectively. To develop a sufficient level of physical fitness and skill level in each participant to allow them to engage in the activity with proficiency.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will:
1. Gain an understanding of knowledge and skill of fundamentals, rules, and strategies of the beginning game of racquetball.
2. Improve cardiovascular development
3. Learn and exhibit team effort and share responsibilities including doubles and cut throat
4. Develop skills to teach serving, rebounds, strokes, and basic shots, including wrist (crack the whip), slice, and scoop
5. Exhibit ability to organize a Round Robin tournament
REQUIREMENTS: The students will:
1. Receive instruction through demonstration, lecture, and reading assignments
2. Pass skill and written tests
3. Attend class and participate
OTHER: 1. Two unexcused absences alowed.
2. Four or more absences will result in automatic failure.
3. Pass/Fail grade is available with less than four absences.
4. Students must provide their own goggles.
5. BYU-Idaho clothing is required.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2004