Beginning Volleyball
CLASS CODE: PE 144 CREDITS:  1 FEE:  $4.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: To introduce and instruct students in basic volleyball skills.
TAUGHT: Winter, Summer, Fall
CONTENT AND TOPICS: This class is designed to introduce and instruct students in basic volleyball skills and rules. Skills will be graded toward the end of the semester and students will be graded on bumping accuracy, serving/receiving, partner passing drills, and wall bumping drills. Setting, serving, basic speed, and spiking form will also be graded.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will:
1. Learn and exhibit knowledge of history, game rules, etiquette, and basic offenses and defenses of the game of volleyball
2. Guide the neurological development of the six basic skills of volleyball
3. Develop coordination, strength, and overall general fitness
4. Develop positive and hard working social interactions between participants in class and in game participation efforts as well
5. Follow directions, control emotions, and work hard in a training and competitive environment
6. Attend class, participate, work hard, and strive for excellence
7. Grow in self-confidence and other spiritual values through the development of new and fun abilities that can be enjoyed now and throughout life

REQUIREMENTS: 1. Learn through demonstration, lecture, one-on-one coaching, training periods
2. Attend class and participate with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn
3. BYU-I clothing required.
4. Participate in partner practice, scrimmages, game settings, and tournaments
5. Pass written and skill tests
PREREQUISITES: Be a beginning volleyball student.
OTHER: 1. Two unexcused absences allowed.
2. Four or more absences will result in automatic failure.
3. Pass/Fail grade is available with less than four absences.
4. BYU-Idaho clothing is required
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 2004