Wilderness First Responder
CLASS CODE: RL 380 CREDITS:  4 FEE:  $200.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Recommended for students seeking employment in wilderness environments. National Certification as Wilderness First Responder. Emphasis on accepted medical protocols for situations requiring extended patient management in the wilderness, extreme environments, and with limited equipment.
TAUGHT: Winter, Summer, Fall
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Designed specifically for outdoor professionals, this course provides you with the tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Half of your time will be spent completing practical skills, case studies and scenarios designed to challenge your decision making abilities. Immerse yourself in this intensive format and leave with confidence in your ability to act.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: WFR students will successfully complete and demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:
1. Complete and demonstrate proficiency in wilderness medical written exam (80% or more) including adult CPR.
2. Demonstrate medical assessment and treatment skills for wilderness emergency situations.
3. Complete hands on practical exam in accordance with wilderness practical exam review criteria.
4. Practice proper wilderness and professional leadership.
5. Demonstrate skill in use and care of emergency equipment and supplies.
6. Lead and direct multi-patient rescue scenarios.
7. Practice safety in all aspects of the course, including medical-legal issues.
8. Understand the principles of risk management planning, and participate in the development and implementation of a risk management plan.
REQUIREMENTS: 10 hours per week in class
2 overnight trips
80 hours required for WMI certification = Class Attendance - DONíT MISS CLASS!!!

Reading assignments
Final Practical
Written Exams
Full participation in all aspects of course.
Adhere to all rules and regulations of course and university.
Demonstrate respectful use and maintenance of equipment
Treat fellow students with respect, honesty and dignity.
Communicate in a professional manner

PREREQUISITES: Be in good physical condition. Any concerns - please call instructor.