Basic Outdoor Skills
CLASS CODE: RL 123 CREDITS:  2 FEE:  $50.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: A beginning level course covering outdoor clothing, equipment, wilderness navigation, outdoor cooking, safety, and minimal impact camping techniques. A prerequisite for all sections of RL223R Land Skills; RL225R Snow Skills; and RL224R Water Skills (except for Fly Tying).
TAUGHT: Winter, Summer, Fall
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Minimal impact skills for basic expeditioning, including equipment selection, use and maintenance, wilderness navigation, camping skills, and backcountry emergency prevention.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the principles, techniques, and associated skills required to recreate in the wild outdoors. By joining in an effort to raise the awareness and attitudes of backcountry travelers, this course may help provide a public committed to the adoption of a national wilderness ethic and perpetuate the careful use of wild lands.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:
1. Select appropriate clothing for outdoor recreational activities in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

2. Use, maintain, and perform simple repairs for basic outdoor equipment.

3. Navigate in the backcountry using both map and compass and a Global Positioning System.

4. Remember and practice the seven Leave No Trace Principles of outdoor ethics.

5. Plan, shop, pack, and prepare meals in the outdoors on stoves and fires.

6. Practice safe behavior for wilderness travel and administer appropriate first aid for common wilderness medical emergencies.

7. Use safe practices for crossing streams, and travel on snowfields and rock.

8. Tie simple knots for use in the outdoors.

9. Demonstrate positive expedition behavior.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. Practical Exam

2. Written Exam

3. Field Trips

4. Behavior and attitude

5. Quote

6. Knots

7. Leave No Trace teaching
OTHER: A prerequisite for RL223R, 224R, 225R level II classes. Recommended to take freshman year but must be completed before graduation.