Construction Documents
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Introduction to blueprint reading and UDS symbology, CSI specifications, construction terminology, codes, and the construction process. Evaluation of working drawings, specifications, and codes. Arch 102 Lab must be taken concurrently with Arch 100.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Summer
CONTENT AND TOPICS: This course will give the student experience and familiarity with the construction documents and allow for great communication in the construction industry. The class meets for three hours each week. A variety of instruction techniques will be utilized, including: lecture, powerpoint presentations, discussions, team or study groups demonstrations, and class research.

- Construction Documents
- Terminology, Conventions, and Measurement
- Construction Drawings
- Bidding Requirements
- Contract Forms
- Conditions of Contract - CSI
- Specifications - CSI
- Codes and Zoning
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Specifically, the student who successfully completes ARCH 100 - Construction Documents will be able to identify, describe, or perform the following:
1. Learn terminology, UDS symbols, and conventions in both commercial and residential drawings.
2. Learn the methods and procedures for reading basic architectural & structural drawings, with an introduction to mechanical & electrical drawings.
3. Learn about the contract manual which includes CSI specifications, bidding requirements, contract forms, and conditions of contract in residential and commercial construction realms.
4. Become acquainted with city ordinances, zoning and building codes, specifically the International Residential Code (IRC) and how they relate to the Construction Documents.
5. Develop skills in research and presentation as a team.
REQUIREMENTS: Three ring binder,
Book tabs (18) 1-inch tabs for code book
Architectural and Engineer Scales

It is required to attend the entire class time, including the class lab time. In addition to the class lab, each student will be required to spend outside of regular class the necessary study time to complete the given assignments. The amount of time for study and research outside of class will be different for each student depending on each students ability and discipline. A general guideline is for every hour in class plan on two hours out of class. Therefore, six minimum hours of study time outside of class.
PREREQUISITES: Arch 102 must be taken concurrently
OTHER: The syllabus and class assignment sheet represent a tentative outline and schedule for this class. The instructor reserves the right to make changes, deletions, corrections, or additions during the course. You will be given notice in advance of any course changes. It is the student's responsibility to be in class when changes are given.

It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special needs and/or learning disabilities he/she may have before the first week of class is over.