Construction Estimating
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of Const 330 (Construction Estimating) is to introduce the student to the principles of construction cost estimates, including organizing and planning an estimate, developing material and labor databases, preparing accurate quantity takeoffs, and developing an understanding of overhead and profit.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Summer (odd years)
CONTENT AND TOPICS: The students will be expected to complete a number of practical estimating assignments and activities. Due dates for assignment will be announced in class. One of the essential elements of estimating is to submit an estimate in a timely manner. In the "Real World" estimates that are submitted even a few seconds after the deadline are not accepted. In keeping with the spirit of providing the most realistic experience possible, the same policy will be followed in class. Assignments will not be accepted after the due date. The following is a description of each of the assignments for this class:

Garage Estimate: This assignment will introduced the students to basic estimating practices by allowing the students to estimate a small frame garage.

Spreadsheet Calculator: For this assignment, the students will use Microsoft Excel to create a calculator that can be used for doing lineal, area, and volume calculations when preparing estimates.

Cost Data Activity: This assignment will introduce the students to construction cost data manuals and will give the students the opportunity to have hands-on experience using cost data manuals.

Labor Wage Activity: This activity will introduce the students to labor and wage costs as associated with construction estimating and will allow the student to calculate labor cost including labor overhead and burden costs.

Estimate Planning Activity: For this activity, students will prepare to estimate a residential house plan by organizing the estimate summary sheet, creating a customer data base, and doing basic quantity takeoff for the structure.

Pre-Construction Activity: For tis activity students will prepare and estimate of costs that are incurred before actual construction begins, such as, architectural plans, engineering cost, permits and fees, real estate and job overhead costs.

Sitework Activity: For this activity, students will estimate the costs associated with excavation and other sitework operations.

Concrete Activity: For this activity, students will estimate the cost for installing footings, foundations, concrete slabs, and other concrete operations.

Framing Activity: This is a three part assignment that will have the student prepare and estimate for labor and material and for framing the floor, walls, and roof of a residence.

Exterior Finish Activity: For this activity, the student will prepare an estimate for exterior finish materials such as roofing, siding, window and doors, and deck and porch material.

Interior Finish Activity: For this activity the students will prepare a labor and material estimate for interior finish materials such as insulation, drywall, doors, and trimwork.

Subcontractor Activity: For this activity, the students will prepare subcontractor estimates for items such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, ceramic tile, and flooring.

Final Estimate: This estimate will be culmination of the estimates that were done in the class. The students will prepare a final bid to be presented at the bid opening during finals. The final estimate will include allowances for tools, supplies, equipment, and overhead.

Students who turn in each estimating activity on time will have the opportunity to correct their mistakes and resubmit the assignment for grading. The corrected assignment must be submitted to the instructor by the class period following the day that the corrected assignment is returned to the student. Care should be taken when submitting corrections, however, because corrections that are made that result in a number that is farther away from the target number than the original will result in a loss of points and no further corrections will be allowed. Students will not be allowed to finish or resubmit any sections that were not completed during the initial assignment. After the window for making corrections expires, no further corrections will be accepted.

A number of practical examinations will be given on reading and in-class material. The examinations will be scheduled in the testing center and the student should plan on taking the test by the date scheduled. An examination schedule is provided with the assignment sheet, generally students can take the exam up to one week before the expiration date. Students who miss the exam deadline will not be able to take the exam.

Grade Scale:
Final grades will be based upon the following scale:

A 94% B- 74% D+ 56%
A- 88% C+ 69% D 52%
B+ 84% C 64% D- 49%
B 79% C- 60% F Below 49%
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The objectives for the course are as follows: the student will:
1. Be able to plan and organize a construction estimate.
2. Be able to develop and maintain useful construction material and labor databases.
3. Be able to prepare accurate quantity takeoffs.
4. Be able to estimate accurate labor cost for construction projects.
5. Have an understanding of the role of labor burden, company overhead, and profit as it applies to estimating.
REQUIREMENTS: Attendance is essential for this course. Vital information is given out during each class period. Attendance will be taken for each class period. Students are expected to be in class. More than two unexcused absences may result in a full letter drop in their final grade.

Reading assignments from the text will be given and the students are expected to complete them by the date given on the class schedule and come to class prepared to discuss them.

It is expected that each studen will abide Brigham Young University-Idaho dress, grooming, and honor standards.

Feel free to consult with the instructor anytime you hare having difficulty or become confused. Office hours are posted and/or by appointment.
OTHER: Text:
"Estimating in Building Construction," by Frank R. Dagostino
"Estimating with Mircrosoft Excel," Jay P. Christofferson

Architect Scale

Lab Time:
A number of computer lab estimating assignments using Microsoft Excel will be given. some time in class will be given to work on the assignments; however, students will need to schedule individual time in the computer lab in order to complete these assignments.

Course Disclaimer:
The syllabus and assignment sheet represent a tentative outline and a schedule for this course. The instructor reserves the right to make changes, deletions, corrections, or additions durin the course. Any changes will be made with advance notice of the students during regularly scheduled class times. It is the responsibility of the student to attend class and to be aware of the changes.

It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teach any special needs and/or learning disabilities he/she may have before the first week of class is over.