Construction Scheduling
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Const 420 is an introduction to concepts of construction project scheduling including: planning and developing efficient construction schedules, methods of preparing construction schedules, and using schedules to efficiently manage job resources and control costs
TAUGHT: Fall, Summer
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Schedule planning techniques
Defining and organizing activities
Scheduling strategies
Impact of changes
Gannt charts
Network diagramming and calculations with Critical path management
Computerized scheduling methods
Resource allocation and management
Roles and responsibilities of management personal
Construction project administrative systems and procedures
Project documentation requirements
Quality control philosophies and techniques
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will:
1. Define the basic components of project management.
2. Plan and prepare efficient construction schedules.
3. Understand and use a variety of scheduling techniques.
4. Be able to use scheduling to efficiently manage job resources and control costs.
REQUIREMENTS: LAB ACTIVITIES: The course is setup as a two hour per week lecture period and 3 hours per week of lab time. At the beginning of the semester we will meet 4 hours per week which will be a combination of lab and lecture hours with the lecture hours being predominate. Periodically during the semester and particularly toward the end of the semester you will be primarily involved in lab activities with little lecture time. Some labs will be open labs where you will not be required to attend class, just work on the assignments at your convenience. See the proposed (it will change during the semester) "Instructional Sequence" for the specific daily activities.

EXAMS: Exams must be taken on the dates specified in the instructional sequence. If you know you will be absent the day of an exam, you need to make arrangements to take the exam early. If extenuating circumstances occur, permission may be obtained to take the exam late if the department secretary is notified by phone on the day of the exam.

ASSIGNMENTS: The major assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the dates specified. Late assignments will be penalized 50 percent. The last date that late assignments will be accepted will be the last regular class day of the semester.

The major assignments are to be prepared in a professional manner of presentation quality as if you were expecting to favorably impress a prospective owner or loaning institution. The size should be such that you are presenting to an individual, not a group. Rough, scratched-out schedules on the back of napkins, envelopes, scratch paper or even 2 X 4's won't do. They should be drafted with straight lines, circles drawn with templates, and lettering with a template or hand drawn, if you are good at hand lettering, it must be legible. You should demonstrate the professionalism of your company and set a standard for others to achieve.

The software we will be using is Primavera, and SureTrak You can purchase a student copy of Primavera, including documentation, for $50.00 from Primavera; but we need to send in the order at one time as a total class. If you want a copy let me know during the first week of the semester. I will need a check made out to Primavera for $50.00. This version will allow only 60 activities, which is not enough for all the assignments but it will be a great asset to you if you have your own computer, especially if you have a difficult time getting into the computer lab during the
normal lab hours.
PREREQUISITES: Arch 100, Arch 102, Const 310, Const 330
OTHER: The syllabus and class assignment sheet represent a tentative outline and schedule for this class. The instructor reserves the right to make changes, deletions, corrections, or additions during the course. You will be given notice in advance of any course changes. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of these changes.

It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special needs and/or learning disabilities he/she may have before the first week of class is over.