GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: An internship is a cooperative program between BYU-Idaho Architecture and Construction Department and approved Experience Providers (employers). Professional internships correlate actual work experience in the building construction industry and the architecture and construction coursework. Internships approved by the department internship coordinator provide students with knowledge of career opportunities and actual work experience in preparation for employment after graduation. The ideal internship would take place during the student's off-track semester and requires 240 hours of quality work experience for each credit earned. A maximum of two credit hours are available for each of the three internship courses.

Two elective credits, course not required for major. General work experience in building construction or a related field. Typically taken between the freshman and sophomore years or for those students with less than 60 credit hours.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Summer
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will:
1. Apply employment skills in resume writing, job portfolio preparation, networking, and interviewing.
2. Find employment with a professional design or building construction-related company to gain actual hands-on experience.
3. Gain a greater vision of what it means to be employed in the building construction industry through on-the-job experience.
4. Establish professional career networking links with business and organizations that will assist the student in gaining employment upon graduation.
5. Apply the principles and skills learned in the classroom to on-the-job practices and procedures in the construction industry.
6. Receive compensation and recognition by receiving wages from the experience provider and recommendation references from the experience provider.
REQUIREMENTS: 1. It is the student's responsibility to find employment. The student will have the experience provider agree to and complete the "Master Internship Agreement" and return it to the internship office. For the convenience of the experience provider, the agreement can also be completed on-line at www2.byui.edu/internships.
2. The student will complete the "Student Internship Agreement" and return it to the department internship coordinator who will register the student for the course.
3. The student will complete and mail a copy of the "Weekly Job Report" to the department internship coordinator each week.
4. It is the student's responsibility to make certain their experience provider completes the "Intern Evaluation Report." The report must be mailed or faxed to the internship coordinator near or at the conclusion of the internship experience.
5. Upon completion of the internship experience, each student will be required to provide a "Written Summary Report." This report will not be evaluated critically for format or content, but should be typed in good form showing spirit of common professional business sense. The report need not be long, but summarize what th student has learned and experienced during the internship.
6. Each student will turn in an "Employment Portfolio" at the conclusion of the internship experience. The portfolio should include a resume, letter or recommendation, and experience provider or job experience documents that will help the student obtain employment.

Course Evaluation and Grading: A letter grade will be given at the end of the semester the internship was completed. All reports and required course assignments must be turned in to your internship coordinator on or before the last official day of the semester to receive course credit. (If the student has a conflict with this schedule, please contact the department internship coordinator.)

Grades will be based on the following criteria:
1. Empoyment Portfolio 25%
2. Weekly Job Reports 25%
3. Intern Evaluation Report 25%
4. Student Summary Written Report 25%
PREREQUISITES: For Students with less than 60 credit hours