Basic Woodworking
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Basic wookworking is a study of woodworking skills for both the novice and more advanced woodworker. The course will study project planning and design, wood and wood products, safe operation of hand and power tools, and joinery techniques.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Summer
CONTENT AND TOPICS: The following represents a breakdown of the assignments for this class and the approximate point value of each:

1. Worksheets = 400 points
2. Safety Test = 50 points
3. Materials Sheet = 25 points
4. Tool Sharpening Exercise = 25 points
5. Midterm/Final Exam = 200 points
6. Clock = 350 points

Worksheets: Worksheets will be given on reading assignments. Generally a single worksheet will cover several assignments. Students are expected to complete the assignment by the day listed on the assignment schedule. Worksheets will be accepted for only one week after the due date with a loss of half of the original points.

Safety Test: Students will be expected to take a safety test and pass it with a score of at least 85% before they will be allowed to use the equipment in the shop.

Materials Sheet: Each student will complete a material cost sheet for the clock project.

Tool Sharpening Exercise: Each student will be expected to sharpen a woodworking chisel.

Clock Project: The major project for the class is a pendulum wall clock. Each student will be required to complete the project. They have an option of choosing several different design and a number of wood species. The $40.00 lab fee covers all standard clock materials.

Examinations: A midterm and a final examination will be given. The midterm will cover materials as outlined in the assignment sheet, classroom discussions, and lab activities. The final exam will cover all materials from the course and will be comprehensive.

Grading: The following represents an approximate point scale for the final grade in this course.

A 84% B- 74% D+ 56%
B+ 88% C+ 69% D 52%
B 84% C 64% D- 49%
B- 79% C- 60% F Below 49%
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: After successful completion of Basic Woodworking the student should:
1. Develop an ability to use woodworking tools and equipment safely and effectively.
2. Develop an ability to plan a woodworking project.
3. Develop an understanding of basic woodworking processes including laying out projects, milling, gluing, clamping, and sanding wood.
4. Develop an ability to execute basic woodworking joinery.
5. Have an understanding of basic wood finishing processes.
REQUIREMENTS: Students are expected to attend all classroom and lab sessions. More than two unexcused absences or Tardies may result in a full letter grade drop in the final grade. When possible inform the instructor in advance of possible absences.

Reading assignments from the text will be given and the students are expected to complete them by the date given on the class schedule and come to class prepared to discuss them.

It is expected that each student will abide Brigham Young University-Idaho dress, grooming and honor standards.

Feel free to consult with the instructor anytime you are having difficulty. Office hours are posted and/or by appointment.

Assignments: A variety of both worksheet and practical assignments will be given. Each assignment is listed in the attached class schedule. The assignments are due on the date specified. All assignments will be accepted for only one week after the due with a loss of half of the original points.

Examinations: A mid term and a final examination will be given. The mid term examination will cover material as outline in the assignment sheet, classroom discussions and activities. The final exam will cover all materials from the course and will be comprehensive.
OTHER: Text: "Cabinetmaking and Millwork," 5th Edition, by John L. Feirer

Supplies: All of the necessary standard supplies for the class will be provided and are included in the lab fee for the course.

All projects will be constructed of new material. No used lumber will be used unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Any paint or finishing material brought in from home must be clearly labeled with the students name and class. Any finishing material brought in from home must be taken back home with the student at the end of the semester.

Cleanup: Each student is expected to clean up his or her own area. This includes the workbenches and any machines used during the class period. All sutdents are expected to remain in the lab until cleanup is completed and the class is dismissed by the instructor.

Project Storage: Each student will be assigned a shop locker and a project bin. Students are expected to keep their project in the locker or storage bin. Projects left out will be disposed of.

Lab Time: Students will be allowed to work in the lab only during his or her regularly scheduled classes or on open lab times that are arranged by the instructor. Any exceptions must be cleared through the instructor on a case by case basis.

Disclaimer: The syllabus and assignment sheet represent a tentative outline and a schedule for this course. The instructor reserves the right to make changes, deletions, corrections, or additions during the course. Any changes will be made with advancenotice of the students during regularly scheduled class times. It is the responsibility of the student to attend class and to be aware of the changes.

It is the student's responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special needs and/or learning disabilities he/she may have before the first week of class is over.