Operations Management
CLASS CODE: B 361 CREDITS:  3 FEE:  $10.00
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Part of the junior core for business majors. This course will focus on operational issues common to all businesses with increased emphasis on service businesses. Regular quantitative assignments using spreadsheet-based operations management software will be included.
TAUGHT: Winter, Summer, Fall
CONTENT AND TOPICS: Topics covered include operations strategy, quality, product and service design, process selection and layout, inventory management, quality control, production scheduling, inventory, location, supply chain management, transportation, and other related issues and models. Specific tools of application that will be covered include decision theory, forecasting, and optimization methods. Computer tutorials and software applications will play an important and significant role throughout.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Develop a basic understanding of the operations function within an organization and how it relates with other business functions.

Understand the purposes and basic tools used in operations to evaluate: product design, firm location, and layout strategies to improve efficiency.

Understand the basic qulaitative and quantitative tools of forecasting, decision analysis, linear programming, plannning, and scheduling used in operations to improve efficiency.

Understand the importance of quality and how the basic quality tools can be used to measure and improve quality.

Understand the importance of supply chain management in controlling costs and improving efficiency.

Develop the ability to recognize deficiencies in an operation and apply (simple) qualitative and quantitative techniques to problems encountered in operations management.
REQUIREMENTS: Tests, class projects, assignments, case studies.
PREREQUISITES: Math 108 or 110, Math 221, IS 140