The Family
GENERAL EDUCATION: This course does not fulfill a General Education requirement.

DESCRIPTION: Application of gospel truth and supportive scholarship to strengthen marriage and family relationships using “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” as the guiding framework.
TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Summer
CONTENT AND TOPICS: (Chapters and related short essays)
1 Families and the Great Plan of Happiness
Essay A: Drawing Specific Inspiration from the Proclamation
2 The Enduring, Happy Marriage: Findings and Implications from
Essay B: The Marriage Movement in America
3 Preparing for an Eternal Marriage
Essay C: Helping Couples in Counseling Remain Committed to their
4 Chastity and Fidelity in Marriage and Family Relationships
Essay D: Personal Purity and Marital Intimacy
5 Equal Partnership and the Sacred Responsibilities of Mothers and
6 Home As a Sacred Center for Family Life
Essay E: My Home As a Temple
Essay F: Meeting the Temporal Needs of the Family
7 Proclamation-based Principles of Parenting and Supportive Scholarship
8 Understanding and Applying Proclamation Principles of Parenting
9 Intergenerational Ties, Grandparenting, and Extended Family Support
10 Faith and Prayer in a Christ-Centered Family
Essay G: Let Us Gather in a Circle and Join in Family Prayer
11 Repentance, Forgiveness, & Progression in Marriages and Families
Family Forgiveness Workshop
12 Love, Respect, and Compassion in Families
13 The Meaning and Blessings of Family Work
14 Wholesome Family Recreation
Essay H: Balancing Family and Work
15 The Sanctity and Importance of Human Life
Essay I: Procreation and the Sanctity of Human Life
16 The Divine Nature of Each Individual
17 Single Adults and Family Life
Essay J: Moving Forward After Divorce
18 Gospel Ideals and Adversity in Family Life
Essay K: Temple Blessings and Family Relationships
19 Awareness of Abuse in the Family
20 Preventing and Healing from Abuse
21 The Family Crucibles of Illness, Disability, Infertility, Death, and
Other Losses
Essay L: Raising a Child with a Mental Disability: A Personal Story
22 Activities for Building Marriage and Family Strengths
Essay M: Ideas for Keeping the Sabbath Holy as a Family
Essay N: Six Characteristics of a Family-Friendly Ward
23 Valuing, Preserving, and Transmitting Family Traditions
Essay O: Research on the Benefits of Family Traditions
24 Government Resources and Policies to Maintain and Strengthen Families
Essay P: Family Life Education
Essay Q: Strengthening Families through the Entertainment Industry
25 Defending Marriage and the Family through Law and Policy
Essay R: Legal and Moral Issues of Same Sex Marriage
Essay S: A Critique of the Research on Same Sex Parenting
Essay T: Defending the Family through International Policy
26 The Proclamation and the Philosophies of the World
27 The Centrality of Family Across World Faiths
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: 1. Help students strengthen their understanding and testimony of the principles of the Restored Gospel pertaining to marriage and family life.
2. Help students move forward with faith in applying principles from revealed truth and supportive scholarship to strengthen their marriage and family relationships.
3. Prepare students to confidently share and defend principles of successful marriage and family life using support from sacred and scholarly sources.
REQUIREMENTS: Major assignment is a "Resource File," a collection of resources, reactions, articles, etc. based on the readings.
Two short papers. Chosen from the following six assignment options: "Parent Interview," "Family Crucibles," "Engaged Sibling Letter," "Goal Setting Activity," "Family Traditions Archive," or "Proclamation Principles Presentation."

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