Activities Program
  Life is meant to be experienced, not just observed

The Activities Program


The Activities Program at BYU-Idaho focuses on “leadership training of the broadest and most exciting kind” and is in many ways a laboratory of real-life experiences.  This innovative year-round program centers on getting students involved through a wide range of activities that meet differing interests and abilities. 


The foundation of the Activities Program focuses on key guiding principles:


·         Participants have the opportunity to act rather than be acted upon.

·         Students are participants rather than spectators.

·         A wide range of activities will meet the diverse interest and abilities of students.

·         Students choose their own level of participation.

·         Participants will develop personal and spiritual qualities that prepare them for life.


In the Activities Program, a student simply chooses an area of interest, determines the level of participation, and then experiences an unequalled opportunity of involvement.  A student’s commitment can range from simple participation to teaching, coaching, or mentoring. 


All activities are structured within four areas – Arts, Enrichment, Physical, and Social.  Under each area, categories have been arranged to provide students an array of activities to choose from. 


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved!  Life is meant to be experienced, not just observed.  Never before have there been so many options for getting more out of an educational experience.  To learn more about the Activities Program, visit the web site at or call 208.496.2270/2495.