The ACAC has full-time specialists and peer advisors available to help with concerns about academic and career decisions.  An excellent career library containing extensive career and college transfer information is available for student use.  This center utilizes helpful computerized and paper and pencil career decision-making assessment tests to assist in making major and career choices.


Students are assigned a faculty advisor to assist in individualizing their education. The advisors help students keep on track for graduation from beginning to end.  Advisors will receive copies of grades at mid-term and at the end of the semester.  When a student applies for graduation, the advisor will submit a graduation evaluation.


Undecided majors are called General Studies.  Majoring in Generals is allowed until the middle of the sophomore year or (about 45 credits).  An undecided student is encouraged to enroll in GS 100 (Career Exploration).  Career Exploration is a course designed to aid in making a decision concerning a career or a major.  By then, if a student is still undecided he or she needs to come to the ACAC in Kimball 250.  Friendly staff and peer advisors will aid in choosing a major. 


Students may declare or change majors at any of the advising centers across campus.






Academic & Career Advising Center  (Main)

Kimball 250, (208) 496-1167


General Academic Advising

McKay 132, (208) 496-3036


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agronomy & Ag Business, Animal Science,

Biology, Health Science, Horticulture, Nursing,


Benson 208, (208) 496-2438


College of Business and Communication

Accounting, Business Management, Communication,

Economics, Information Systems, Recreation Leadership

Smith 225, (208) 496-1451


College of Education

Home & Family, Physical Ed., Health Ed.

Rigby 162      (208) 496-2926

Rigby 163      (208) 496-1566


College of Language & Letters

Academic Learning, English, Foreign Languages & Literatures,

Humanities & Philosophy, Pre-Law

Smith 271, (208) 496-3033


College of Performing & Visual Arts

Art, Dance, Interior Design, Music, Theatre

Kirkham 102, (208) 496-3033


College of Physical Sciences & Engineering

Architecture & Construction, Automotive, Chemistry,

Computer Science & Engineering, Geology, Mathematics,

Mechanical Engineering & Technology, Physics

Austin 106C, (208) 496-3043


College of Religion & Social Science

Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Education,

Sociology & Social Work

Ricks 262 S (208) 496-3035


Health Professions

Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Chiropractic,

Benson 209, (208) 496-2483



Leadership & Service Institute (L.S.I.)


Few institutions place as much emphasis on leadership training as does Brigham Young University-Idaho, where there is uniqueness in both the philosophy and magnitude of student development.

Brigham Young University-Idaho brings a gospel perspective to leadership. This approach emphasizes the Saviorís example to serve others through consistent, patient, and loving interaction with others. Our programs are open to all students who would like to participate; this differs from many universities that reserve leadership training for those who hold student body positions. The BYU-Idaho Activities Program provides learning opportunities for any student who would like to improve himself or herself with both theoretical training and hands-on leadership experiences.

Our programs are divided into three areas:



Leadership & Personal Development


We sponsor evening workshops, overnight retreats, and Saturday conferences to help students develop leadership skills, enhance their self-esteem, and strengthen their testimonies. These seminars are held on various topics at a rustic ranch with a view of the Teton Mountains (about an hour from campus).  All students can participate. Transportation is provided and programs are at a minimal cost. Other campus organizations can also use the lodge for training purposes.  Visit to learn more.



Community Service


The Institute helps students find meaningful service projects in the community and acts in a supportive role to encourage reflection and learning. One-time service projects are posted in our service database. More involved service opportunities are offered through student sponsored programs such as Adopt-A-Grandparent, Humanitarians Service Organization, the Kid Connection, Special Olympics, Blood Drives, etc. Student directors coordinate each of these projects and can answer your questions and help get you involved.  Visit to learn more.



Married Student Activities


The purpose of Married Student Activities is to provide the married students attending BYU-Idaho a variety of events that will strengthen their marriages and families. Workshops, firesides, and over-night retreats are just a few of the activities offered.  For more information about this program visit our web site at: .

For more information about these programs or to use our resource library visit or office or our web site & Service Institute

Married Student Activites

Manwaring Center #359

Brigham Young University-Idaho

Rexburg, ID 83460-0710

(208) 496-2278