Letter From President Robert M. Wilkes
  Welcome to Brigham Young University-Idaho

Welcome to Brigham Young University-Idaho!  You have chosen an excellent place to pursue your education.


In October of 2004 David A. Bednar, who at that time was serving as president of BYU-Idaho, was called to serve as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  This change in assignment necessitated his leaving his post at BYU-Idaho and moving to Salt Lake City.


Having served as president for 7½ years, Elder Bednar left a legacy of development and change unparalleled in the history of the institution.  The two-year school known as Ricks College became a four-year university known as BYU-Idaho.  A three-track admission system was implemented.  The school’s philosophy for awarding scholarships was restructured in an effort to provide financial assistance to more students.  Intercollegiate athletics was replaced with a student-driven activities program.  An historic building was razed; new facilities were and continue to be constructed.  The entire campus community was encouraged to “. . . seek learning even by study and also by faith” (Doctrine and Covenants 109:7)—thus creating an environment where the spiritual was consciously integrated with the secular.  The practice of having students raise their scriptures at the beginning of each weekly devotional became an outward indication of their preparation and willingness to learn.


The 2005-06 academic year provides a unique period of opportunity for all of us who belong to the BYU-Idaho family to carry on and build upon the foundation that has already been established.  I encourage you to take your studies seriously, to be active in your campus ward, and to participate in a breadth of extracurricular activities.  By doing so you will come to understand the unique mission of this institution.


This catalog provides a wealth of useful information about the academic programs at BYU-Idaho, the requirements you must meet, and the many services that are offered to support your endeavors.  I encourage you to make good use of it and to refer to it often—thereby preparing yourself to become an integral part of the legacy of BYU-Idaho.


Again, welcome!  I extend my very best wishes to you for happiness and success in all that you do.



Robert M. Wilkes

Interim President