Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

Tuition, Fees, and Expenses 2005-2006
Semester Tuition:      
LDS Members                             12 or more credits    $1,375
LDS Members                   1  to 11 credits  (per credit)  $115
Non-LDS                                   12 or more credits   $2,065
Non LDS                      1 to 11 credits   (per credit) $172
Registration Related Expenses:      
Health and Accident Insurance--Single (per semester)    Estimated $210
Health and Accident Insurance--Married (per semester) Estimated $430
   (Amounts are subject to change)      
Late Tuition Payment Charge                  5% of unpaid balance
Class Fees       variable (see class description)
Key Deposit                                                  $5
Class Drop Fee (after registration deadline)                               $5
Incomplete Grade Contract Charge                             $5
Credit by Examination and Vertical Credit                      $   15-25
Miscellaneous Expenses:      
Application for Admission                                   $30
ID Card Replacement                                          $10
Vehicle Parking Permit                                      $5
Graduation Application                                      $8
Cap and Gown Rental                                         $20
Dishonored (bad) Checks     $5
Estimated Expenses:      
Books and Supplies (per year)                         $1,000
Housing  (per year)                                   $1500 to $3000 
Food and Personal Items (per year)                $2500 to $3500
Brigham Young University-Idaho reserves the right to change fees listed without notice