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"The seeds we are planting today will grow and become mighty oaks, and their branches will run all over the earth."
- Jacob Spori
Jacob Spori

Communication Department

Spori 229 ~ (208) 496-3691 ~ Fax: (208) 496-3693


The BYU-Idaho Department of Communication is dedicated in training our students to
1. develop a broad foundation of knowledge and skills
2. write and speak confidently and well
3. analyze scenarios and develop solutions
4. work with and get along with diverse people in many kinds of situations
5. serve in or lead groups productively
6. produce targeted, effectively written, spoken and visual messages in media, group, and interpersonal settings


Our department's aim is to help prepare students to become a skilled, knowledgeable, adaptable, progressive, ethical practitioner through programs addressing today's professional requirements while anticipating tomorrow's developments.