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"I believe that at BYU-Idaho we must learn to use new technologies and develop methods, materials, programs, and concepts that not only can be applied to our students on and off our campus, but also can be effectively and efficiently applied by others across the Church and, indeed, across the world."  (President Kim B. Clark)

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Training Notes



       Your Communication Style: Asset or Liability? (Word Document)

       Overcoming Communication Obstacles (Word Document)


Customer Service

       Ways to Show Your Customers that You Care (Word Document)

       Tips on What Customers Want (Word Document)

       The Customer Service Hall of Infamy (Word Document)

       Customer Service Tips (Word Document)

       We're in the "People" Business (Word Document)


Dealing with Difficult People

       Handling Complaints and Difficult Situations (Word Document)

       Dealing with Difficult People (Word Document) 


Email Etiquette

       Email Etiquette for Professionals: 19 Essential Ground Rules (Word Document) 

       6 Ways to Improve Your Email Messages (Word Document)   

       Email Courtesy Suggestions (Word Document)   

       Email Tips (Word Document) 

       See also:

              - Email Etiquette: Why Is It Important? 

              - What Is Netiquette (Yale University)  

              - Email Etiquette Rules

              - Email Etiquette 101 


Giving and Receiving Feedback

       Giving Corrective Feedback (Word Document)

       Soliciting Feedback from Others (Word Document)

       Human Relations and Corrective Feedback (D&C 121) (Word Document)


Preventing Identity Theft

       Avoid ID Theft: Deter, Detect, and Defend (Word Document)

       (See also: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/)


Stress Management

       Reducing Stress (Word Document)

       The Top 10 Causes of Burnout (Word Document)



       Building Trust and Credibility with Others (Word Document)


Time Management

       The Three Rules of Time Management (Word Document)

       Ways to Make Time Your Ally (Word Document)



       Going on vacation or other time out of the office? (PDF)




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