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Tips for Managers

Ideas from Human Resources on how to be a better manager at BYU-Idaho


June 2011 - What Is Delegation (PDF)

May 2011 - Steps for Effective Delegation (PDF)

April 2011 - Jesus: The Perfect Leader (PDF)

March 2011 - Soliciting Feedback from Others (PDF)

February 2011 - Measuring Assertiveness (PDF)

January 2011 - Leadership and Self-Deception: Key Quotes and Ideas (PDF)

October 2010 - Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service: Your Duties as a Manager (PDF)

June 2010 - The Power of a Positive "No" (PDF)

May 2010 - Quotes for Managers (No. 2) (PDF)

April 2010 - Quotes for Managers (No. 1) (PDF)

March 2010 - Giving Corrective Feedback: Insights from the Scriptures (PDF)

February 2010 - Counseling with Our Councils: Key Quotes (PDF)

November 2009 - Resources to Aid in Your Development as a Manager (PDF) 

October 2009 - Managing According to Gospel Principles (PDF)

September 2009 - Items to Consider When Evaluating an Employee's Performance (PDF)

August 2009 - Developing Your Employees (PDF)

June 2009 - Duties of a Manager (PDF) 






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