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Construction Update

Construction Update

Following is the current schedule of construction progress as of Sept. 2011:

Central Quad/Amphitheatre

As the semester begins, landscaping and sidewalk work continues on the central quad. Finishing work around the site will continue through the end of October.

Taylor Quad

With the installation of underground conduit and the foundation of the new footbridge complete, foundation work continues around the area. Finishing pavers to be used throughout the landscaped paths have been delivered in preparation for groundwork.

Hart Pedestrian Bridge

The new Hart pedestrian bridge is now complete and open to the public. It replaces an older bridge, which had begun to deteriorate.

Upper Playing Fields

Beginning Oct. 3, playing fields near the intersection of 1st West and 7th South will be excavated to prepare for a future housing project. The excavation is scheduled to continue until Dec. 16.

Steam Line

A rupture in a section of steam line located east of the Smith Building has been repaired, and sidewalks around the site are currently being replaced.

Kimball Windows

Beginning Sept. 26, approximately half of the exterior windows on the Kimball Building will be replaced. A number of existing windows present air and water leaks. The replacement is expected to be complete before the end of October.

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