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New Fitness Center opens
its doors

The BYU-Idaho Fitness Center has a new home — and a much larger one at that. The facility is now housed in the old Hart Fieldhouse, more than doubling its previous square footage.

“After talking with students and employees who use the Fitness Center, we noticed the problem wasn’t the type of equipment we had, but rather quantities and the lack of space. We weren’t able to meet the needs of the campus,” said Justin Garner, Activities director.

The new Fitness Center features a super circuit, twice the amount of treadmills, and three lines of machine weights. And for people who miss the Fieldhouse’s indoor track, the BYU-Idaho Center offers a four-lane suspended jogging track, with 5 and 3/4 laps equaling a mile.

Additional benefits of the new facility include a turnstile entrance activated by an I-Card, and a corner that can be roped off for classes, allowing both classes and other individuals to use the Fitness Center at the same time.

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