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Online Support Center

BYU-Idaho's Online Support Center is here to help you find the answer to all your questions about online courses and programs.


Phone:       (208) 496-1800

Toll Free:   (866) 672-2984 or

                    (866) OSC-BYUI

Email:         onlinelearning@byui.edu

Text:          (208) 557-4142

Hours:        Summer: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM MST


Useful Online Resources


Contact our Advisor for Online Degrees at onlineadvising@byui.edu for questions about your Grad Plan


Tutoring Assistance-Now Online

BYU-Idaho's Academic Learning Office now offers advanced phone and video-conference tutoring options for distance learners!


Visit the Tutoring Center (TutorTrac) website today to set-up an appointment.

IT HelpDesk

If you are experiencing I-Learn or technical problems with your course or computer contact the HelpDesk.


Phone:      (208) 496-9000

Toll Free:  (866) 237-5195

Email:        helpdesk@byui.edu

Web:          http://www.byui.edu/helpdesk/

Hours:       Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm


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