Kim B. Clark accepts the inaugural charge from President Gordon B. Hinckley, chair of the Board of Trustees.
Sue Clark watches the inaugural procession with her husband President Kim B. Clark.
President Kim B. Clark gives his inaugural response to a capacity audience in the hart auditorium and to those gathered in numerous overflow locations across campus.
The inaugural charge is issued by Gordon B. Hinckley, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and chair of the Board of Trustees for BYU-Idaho.

President Kim B. Clark and President Gordon B. Hinckley share a personal moment of reflection

Dignitaries share in the festivities: Lawrence H. Summers, president of Harvard University; Elder Richard G. Scott, member of the Board of Trustees; Elder Henry B. Eyring and Elder David A. Bednar, former president, and his wife Susan; and Elder Earl C. Tingey, of the Presidency of the Seventy.
Lawrence H. Summers, president of Harvard University, extends official greetings to his colleague of 30 years.
President Thomas S. Monson, Sue Clark, President Kim B. Clark, and President Gordon B. Hinckley watch as the delegates and faculty march into the Hart Auditorium.
Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne welcomes the Clarks to BYU-Idaho, “one of the gems of the Gem State.”
Presidents past and present gather for the inauguration: Henry B. Eyring (1971-1977), Joe J. Christensen (1985-1989), Kim B. Clark, David A. Bednar (1997-2004), Steven D. Bennion (1989-1997), and Robert D. Wilkes (interim 2004-2005)
President Kim B. Clark visits with the former president of BYU-Idaho, Elder David A. Bednar.
President Kim B. Clark emphasizes three imperatives for his administration: to raise quality, to serve more students, and to lower relative costs.
Members of the Board of Trustees attend with President Gordon B. Hinckley presiding (2nd from left Elder Robert D. Hales, President James E. Faust, President Thomas S. Monson, Sue Clark, President Kim B. Clark, President Gordon B. Hinckley).
Employees Jesse Brown and Doyle Faughn shake hands with the president at the public reception.
President Clark shares the festivities with his twin daughters, Jennifer and Julia.
The Clarks visit with Dan and Mary Hess at one of three receptions held for family, friends, and associates of the university.
Students meet their new president at an inaugural reception. Students were welcome at the reception – a reminder that, as President Clark states, “this is a student-centered university.”
President and Sister Clark are sincere in their desire to exemplify what he expressed earlier in his inaugural response: “There is on this campus a spirit of love and support for each individual student.”
President Clark visits with a student at the reception. The new administrator says BYU-Idaho's mission is to create “a wholesome, righteous community in which students may thrive spiritually, intellectually, and socially.”