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Thomas E. Ricks Horticulture Research Demonstration Gardens

Brigham Young University-Idaho is fortunate to have its own well-respected botanical garden. Unlike other botanical gardens where you "look, but don't touch," the BYU-Idaho garden promotes a hands-on experience where students and visitors can have an up close and personal experience with God's handiwork. There are over 750 varieties of annuals and 200 varieties of perennials along with a good sampling of trees and shrubs. Cold winter weather is the only limiting factor in choosing plant material.
The Horticulture Research Demonstration Garden is a unique lab for the academic Landscape Horticulture Department. Three different distinctive features have been developed, each creating a different mood. A wide array of vegetables as well as an orchard featuring many varieties of apple trees thrive in this region. The garden hosts a variety of summer activities including wedding receptions, and socials, and it is a favorite destination spot for visitors on campus.

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