Internships/Career Placement



An academic internship is a valuable and integral component of a BYU-Idaho education. In most cases, an academic internship is a required element for both associate’s and bachelor’s programs.  A BYU-Idaho academic internship is a cooperative program between the university and approved Experience Providers (employers).


The purpose of an internship is to obtain practical and valuable work experience, to apply skills and knowledge learned in school, and to gain exposure to various job opportunities.  Many internships are paid experiences and typically last one academic semester in length.  Students are generally encouraged to complete a full-time academic internship.


The Internship Office located in Kimball 244 is the central location to help organize, promote, and coordinate the internship process.  The Internship Office is to help with legal problems, act as a resource center, ensure academic consistency, coordinate internship information, and assist with paperwork.  A faculty internship coordinator has also been assigned to each academic department/major to assist with the understanding and arrangement of each academic internship experience. 


 Listed below are general academic internship guidelines:


1)      The internship must be directly related to a student’s major or field of study.


2)      The faculty department internship coordinator, as well as the university internship director must approve the internship.


3)      The internship must be for academic credit using the 198/298/398/498 course numbers.  The faculty internship coordinator must approve academic credit.


4)      Students registering for academic internship credit must follow all registration guidelines and deadlines.


5)      Specifically defined learning objectives, Experience Provider supervision, reports, and a signed Student Internship Agreement between the student and the faculty department internship coordinator are necessary to qualify for internship credit. 


For additional information regarding academic internships, please visit our website at, or contact the BYU-Idaho Internship Office at (208) 496-2290 or at





The Career Placement Office assists students and alumni of BYU-Idaho with career employment.  Services include help with résumé writing, letter writing, interviewing, job leads, and career counseling.  Computers, a laser printer, and graphic paper are available to help in writing professional résumés and business letters.  Also available are company information and recruitment bulletins.


The Career Placement Office is located in Kimball 244 and is open 8-5 Monday through Friday.  Students are invited to visit at their convenience or call 496-2170 for an appointment with one of the counselors.